Monday, June 4, 2007

Mother's Day Project

I have always been interested in symbolic activity. Art that has meaning, purpose. Something to say. And so, the Mother's Day Project called to me. Through this project, I have had the opportunity to honor a female soldier who gave her life for me. I did this through the simple art of embroidery. My humble needlework will be incorporated into a piece of utilitarian art, a tote bag, which people all over the country will have a chance to use for a while.
This is my name: Jennifer A. Valdivia. I embroidered in simple backstitch, with a deep purple. The background is an off-white muslin. I changed the photo to blue, to make it more visible.

I looked up Jennifer A. Valdivia, to find out how she passed away. Turns out the circumstances surrounding her death in Bahrain are "under investigation." I tried to imagine all of the things that could have happened to her, all of the ways she could have died. I wonder about her family. Do they know how she died? Do they have answers?

I have no opinion to profess on the war in Iraq. I do have an opinion, but this is not that kind of blog. This blog is about the art I'm doing now. It's enough to honor this sailor, to write her name, to bring attention to her death and all of those who serve.

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Your Sockapalooza Pal said...

I think that's a very special and wonderful thing to do and to remember, and I love how you made the post about her, and not about debating the war.